Forget your consoles, its PARTY time!!!

Micro Rave is ready to co-create an interactive video game themed party for your group of youngsters!

Combining bright colourful costumes, fun theatrics, props, zany characters and wacky music, we bring inclusive arcade-game style challenges, heroic power ups, exciting quests and maximum glory for all players!

What better way to celebrate than to know you have just saved the galaxy and are now in the Book of Legends... this truly is family friendly fun from outta space!

What to expect?

- Hourly blocks of customised entertainment
- Very experienced staff
- Group challenges + dance offs
- Treasure quests + musical games
- Intergalactic space champions
- Rescue missions + robot battles
- Super Hero Academy + Book of Legends
- Unforgettable imaginary adventures


Who's it for?

- Boys and Girls
- Family friendly celebrations
- Birthday Parties
- Theatre + drama groups
- Extra curricular activities
- Children from all backgrounds
- Average age of 6 and upwards


Why is it special?

Inclusive family friendly fun is our speciality and as such we really love working with you to create a wonderful party experience for your event. Our ethos is to inspire courage and the idea that there are super powers inside all of us regardless of age, ethnicity or gender. Today's youngsters simply love playing our theatrical video game quests and we ensure that ALL participants are glorified and rewarded!

"Many thanks Micro-Rave for a truly excellent and memorable party. Our son and his friends were completely impressed and engrossed with the whole nutty affair!"

Nikky Edgington - Bristol Micro Rave Birthday Party

"my daughter is quite shy but wanted to have an adventurous time, so we risked hiring the Micro Rave and she ended up feeling like a hero. Thank you so much."

Julia Tucker - Bristol Micro Rave Birthday Party