Interactive Parties


Add another dimension to your event!

In the style of an imaginary computer game from the 80’s, our fantastic intergalactic champions are ready to jack into your event with team games, fun activities and a wealth of stage skills. 

Our theatrical space challenges and video game reenactments are tailored to suit your group or gathering. Using bespoke narratives, 8-bit music, colourful props and fun costumes, we place players at the heart of an immersive arcade drama.

Our Task Force is standing by!


What is it? 

- fully scale-able micro disco party setup
- team building with engaging challenges
- multi-player games + dance offs
- arcade reenactments + video game theatre
- boss battles + medal ceremonies
- arcade action DJs + intergalactic comperes
- walkabout and event hosting


Who is it for?

- private functions + themed occasions
- conventions + after parties
- promotions and prize giveaways
- team building days
- video game themed parties
- alternative stag dos + surprise celebrations
- promotional events + opening ceremonies
- suitable for groups large and small


Why is it special?

With a wealth of experience implementing immersive gamified theatre, we have what it takes to bring an intergalactic dimension to your event and celebrate your audience.
We are motivated by inclusive activities, team cohesion, individual encouragement and conveying a keen balance of challenge vs reward.

" really didn’t have a clue what we were in for, but you made our opening party explode this year!!  it was brilliant! ... Seriously ... the stuff of legends! "

by Korash Sanjideh - ExPlay games festival - Bath

" Wow, what a night! Micro Rave rocked it! Such an incredible energy! Utterly bonkers, yet perfectly organised and fun chaos! Thank you so much. "

by Cathy Coulthard - Minotaur Sound (Cell of Fables Installation)